102 Mocha Eyebrow Dye

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  • Brand : Vogue

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New, Powerful and Healthy Beauty
There are high requirements for beauty and quality and safety.
This has led to much more stringent rules for the VOGUE Pigmetation goals and has soon become popular with experts. In our way, our most important rules are both our experts and the health and beauty of our customers. Exactly the perfect consistency of VOGUE pigments is therefore ideal for microprocessing or microprocessing design.
All pigments are hypoallergenic and prepared in compliance with the (EC) European Resolution ResAP (2011) 1 complex. This ensures that aromatics and aroma-containing amines are not present in VOGUE Pigmetation products.
VOGUE Pigmetation is presented in a wide range of colors for eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, camouflage, areola, scalp and comments to achieve natural and long lasting results.

The safety of pigments for permanent make-up is mainly certified.
Our products are combined with prices related to heavy metal content and received the best report for dermatological tests.


Our products have been approved by the Netherland Test and Research Center, which is recognized worldwide.

Our products are also certified by DERMATEST, a special test company for safety in Germany, under the DERMATOLOGICAL TEST in HUMAN and SAFETY ASSESSMENT TEST.

Our products have passed the test with declaration of Ministry of Environment No.2015-86
Over Safety and Labeling standards for the product of risk-related concerns ten. He follows EU regulations.

INFO: Please note that the color sample reflects the pure gloss and presence of the color pigments of the Netherlands. The actual effect of color depends on the skin type.

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